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Best Ways to Clean Your Soccer T-Shirts

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Before you go running to the soccer shop to buy a new uniform, take a moment to glean some insights on the best ways to keep your jerseys clean.  Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of stains your soccer jersey can collect.

Perhaps the most obvious stain is caused by grass and dirt, after all, soccer is played in an open field.  For these types of stains, first rinse the uniform in a sink to remove all of the loose dirt and mud.  Brushing off these stains or rubbing them off vigorously in the sink will do the trick.  Another method would be to hang the uniform on a clothesline and spray it off with a garden hose.  Next soak your stained soccer t-shirts in the sink or a bucket for one hour or overnight as needed.  After this soaking period, inspect your jersey to see if it still has noticeable grass stains.  If so, try rubbing it out with a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water.  Let it set for two to three hours and repeat if needed.

Another stain that can pack quite the pungent punch is caused by sweat.  There are a number of known remedies for this, but let’s explore a couple of simple ones.  The first is to use a mixture of one part dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide.  Scrub this mixture into the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours.  You can also try using salt.  Mix 4 tablespoons of salt with 1 quart of hot water and simply sponge in the solution until the stain disappears.  As yet another solution you can find in your kitchen, mix equal parts of lemon juice and water and scrub it into the uniform to remove unsightly underarm stains.  Stains from deodorant can also accompany some sweat stains.  For these, try pouring a bit of vinegar onto the stain and rub it into the fabric.  Incidentally, vinegar works for sweat stains as well.  For a remedy that’s a little more unconventional, try crushing two aspirins and mixing the powder in half a cup of warm water.  Soak the stained areas of the uniform in that solution for a two to three hours.

After utilizing these pre-wash tactics, the next step is to throw the uniform in the washer.  Be sure to use cold water!  Hot water can cause certain stains to set in during the wash cycle as well as fade letters and numbers on the uniform.  Lastly, hang dry the uniforms instead of using a dryer to prevent stains from becoming permanent and keep it from shrinking.  Also, avoid direct sunlight.

Now play hard, rinse, and repeat.


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Stay Safe on the Road

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Road safety is a high priority concern for each and every one of us. Every year, over thirty thousand people die on the roads of America. One in every one hundred thousand Americans die every year due to road related accidents. In fact, car crashes is one of the leading causes of death for people under twenty five years old. The worst part is that all of these deaths are unnecessary and could have been avoided with better road safety—that is over a quarter of a million lives for the last eight years alone!

Despite the obvious dangers associated with road travel though, taking the car has become deeply embedded in our way of life that it would be ridiculous to stop people from using cars. What can be done is improve and implement best practices for road safety. Better informed and better prepared drivers will lead to significantly fewer deaths.

The good news when it comes to road safety is that the incidence of road deaths has been steadily declining for the last decade, more or less. This is partly due to better information dissemination, improved vehicle construction and safety standards and improved traffic law enforcement. With regards to law enforcement, the dropping cost of radar technology has helped in the enforcement of the rules of the road. A typical traffic policeman is now equipped with a police radar gun to apprehend speeders. Radar speed limit signs are now prevalent as well which serves as a deterrent for potential speeders.

Newest Stalker Radar Gun Models

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Stalker Radar is well known throughout the world as the leader in law enforcement and sports radar capabilities. Owning a stalker radar gun gives a dependable and accurate measurement for measuring the speed of objects. With the menacing tagline, “You can’t outrun what you can’t see,” Stalker shows its dedication to providing top quality products to their customers. Stalker Radar is known for its innovation as a leader in radar measurement technology. Here are some applications for Stalker’s newest additions to their product line.

For Baseball

For sports scouts and coaches, Stalker provides accurate plate speed and pitching speed measurements to help players improve their skill and strategy. A baseball radar gun from Stalker gives you the smallest and lightest handheld radar guns on the market today. The Pro II Stalker Radar gun is the newest gun in the  product line for all applications. Most specifically, Stalker Radar is popular in the sports sector, perfect for car racing, watercraft, snow mobile racing, paintball, and of course, baseball.  The Stalker Pro II is the only professional radar gun with a speed range of 5-700 MPH. This gun has a 300 foot range to safely measure pitching and batting speeds from a distance. This gun uses commercial ballistic chronographs to precisely measure release speeds.  Those who best benefit from Stalker radar in the sports industry are major league scouts and pitching and hitting coaches.

For Law Enforcement

Radar guns are not only used for sports enthusiasts, they are used to enforce traffic as well. The Stalker Lidar LR is the most popularly promoted product right now for law enforcement, with a newly engineered design. This radar gun is completely recreated for cramped urban settings with vehicles moving closely together. The pinpoint accuracy of a Stalker Lidar Gun offers precision in settings where radar detection would normally be a challenge. This product comes with 44mm lenses for better target illumination and signal-to-noise ratio. These improvements to the optics of the radar gun allow for measurements up to 4,000 feet away from the place of operation. The improvements upon the original Lidar design include a Heads-Up display that shows both speed and range information on the same screen. It also has faster target acquisition, upgraded electronics a 32-bit processor, and a CPU clock rate at 5 times the speed of the original design. Stalker Radar is continuously developing new ways to make their products better than their competition, and better than their previous models. Stalker is never satisfied with the status quo, and surely their new additions will find a comfortable home in law enforcement everywhere.

Rubin Museum of Art

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Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) ( is the first Western museum dedicated to Himalayan art. Though the RMA has only been open a short time (since October 2, 2004), it has already established a sizeable presence online, with galleries at and That presence is only going to grow: in collaboration with entrepreneur and RMA board member Omar Amanat, the museum will be creating the first comprehensive online archive of Islamic art.

The RMA, which occupies a 25,000 square foot space at 150 West 17th Street, was created by Donald and Shelley Rubin, who had begun purchasing tangkas . Himalayan paintings on fabric . during the 1980s. The museum displays over 1,000 art objects, including paintings, sculpture, textiles, ritual objects and more, spanning a period from the 2nd to the 20th century.

The RMA.s primary online gallery,, features over 17,000 entries, making it one of the most encyclopedic databases of Himalayan art and iconography online. The site.s development has been overseen by RMA curator Jeff Watt.

Mr. Amanat began his business career in the electronic brokerage industry, but since 9/11 he has turned his attention to the role of art and media in fostering or preventing violence. In particular, he has been inspired by the plausibility theory of sociologist Peter Berger, which states that members of minority groups derive more of their self-esteem from media images of people like themselves than they do from their own personal interactions with others.

Along with his involvement with the RMA, Mr. Amanat is a prominent film financier. He has founded or invested in several feature film companies, including:
Blue Planet Films, LLC (
Groundswell Productions (
For more information about Mr. Amanat.s aesthetic and humanitarian projects, please visit

Common Errors with Police Radar Guns

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A lot of people are curious about police radar guns. They want to know if they are really accurate.  Here is some information about radar guns that the police use that you might find useful.

Even though most of these guns operate accurately and effectively, there’s a few situations when errors in the radar can happen. An error that could happen is called a Cosine Effect. This is an amount of error that results from that angle where the radar’s hitting the vehicle. An example’s when the car’s moving directly toward that radar with an angle that’s 0 degrees.  There’s no Cosine Effect. When there’s a greater angle, there’s a bigger error that’s caused by it. But even this can be accounted for and adjusted.

Some other errors which guns can make consist of a shadowing error. This happens when a radar gun’s moving and it’s picking up a vehicle’s speed that’s going slower than the police car.  It’s mistaking the speed of the other car for the ground speed. This causes the oncoming traffic as being measured fast inaccurately.  There’s something else called a ghosting error. This happens when a portion of the beam picks up some motion from another item. Scanning errors happen when the gun’s moving and it’s picking up the signals wrong.  Panning errors happen when the gun is moving and it’s too close to a processing unit, and that causes interference.

Where to Find Sports Radar Guns

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You can find sports radar guns at most sporting goods stores and stores that sell sports training equipment. All professional sports teams use radar guns for training their players and during all practice sessions. They are primarily used not only to improve the performance of the players but also to determine where the players strengths and weaknesses are in their pitching and throwing abilities.

Before sports radar guns the only way coaches could judge the performance of their players was to watch how they threw the ball. This method was not as accurate and often led to players being used that were not as strong at throwing as necessary. With radar guns coaches can accurately judge the speed and pitch of the ball and determine when a player is ready to play the game.

A baseball radar gun is used by training coaches to determine the speed of the pitch and the speed of the ball. A speed pitch booth is used by baseball players to determine the speed of their pitch. When searching for sports training equipment consider Radar Gun Sales as part of your search. They have a huge inventory of all types of sports training equipment. You can visit the site at to find the sports training equipment that best suits your needs. Both high school and professional coaches can also check out sporting goods websites to find radar guns and other sports training equipment. There are also websites that sell sports equipment exclusively to professional sports teams.

Soccer Uniforms, Sporting The Best Uniforms You Can Buy

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world when you consider just how many people watch a soccer game such as the World Cup when it is on television.  Soccer is a sport that simply cannot be denied in terms of its popularity and how far it stretches across the globe.  When it comes to soccer uniforms, nothing is better than being able to wear a uniform that you can take great pride in.

When you are shopping for a new uniform, you need to start by thinking about some of your favorite soccer teams that you watch on television.  Once you do this, you can begin to think about some of the great uniforms that are out there and are available.

What you may end up deciding is that you do not want a custom uniform but instead you want to be able to purchase a replica uniform so that you can represent your team and show off your pride for that particular team, no matter what country or league they may play in.  You may even take it a step further and decide you want a particular player’s jersey to wear and take pride in wearing.

Soccer specialty shops such as Soccer Garage have some great deals on quality and reliable replica jerseys that will not break the bank.  For the female soccer players out there, they also are fully stocked with great womens soccer equipment and more.  Even if you are just looking for a soccer t-shirt to represent your team, they can help.