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Improving Your Skills as a Defensive Linesman

Improving Your Skills as a Defensive Linesman

The best defensive linemen at any level all share the same qualities. playing and tackling with leverage, excellent “hand to hand combat” skills, and superior quickness (given their size of course). It is possible to teach and to imrpove on all these qualities in any given player. Leverage is extremely important to a defensive lineman because it is just that rare that he will be able to make a tackle without being already engaged by another offensive lineman.…

History of the Dallas Cowboys

History of the Dallas Cowboys

While the Dallas Cowboys are an extremely popular NFL team, they didn’t necessarily start out that way. The Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion team. The first season, they didn’t win a single game, in fact the only tie they had was against the New York Giants. The next year they were able to make their first NFL Draft pick. This got them started on the road to becoming “America’s Team.”

The Cowboys spent the rest of the 1960’s building a roster to help them become contenders in the NFL as well as courting the loyalties of the Dallas fans.…

Top 2 most influential athletes

Article submitted by David Guillod.

Professional sports are always fun to watch because not only do you get to see outstanding athletes perform at the peak of their game, but you also get to see history in the making as well. Athletes of any sport train rigorously to reach new heights and give it their all to get that “W” on their record. Particularly, two athletes stand out to me as iconic: Pete Rose and Bo Jackson.…

Soccer: Basic equipment list

If you compare soccer to most other popular sports, it requires the least amount of equipment. At its most basic requirement, all you need is soccer footwear. For the typical soccer game, a player will need a very small list of items. Here is a head-to-toe rundown of basic gear from Soccer Garage:


A jersey can be made from any fabric that fits loosely and is comfortable. However, most jerseys on sale are made from special wicking fabric that keeps a player dry during a game.…

The Top 5 Elements that Make a Challenging and Interesting Course

Aside from the financial aspect of the business, the maintenance and design of a course requires precise planning. If you want to know what makes a course challenging and interesting, read on for tips from the pros.

Green Speeds

When a golfer hits a putt, green speeds determine how fast the ball travels. In order to maintain green speeds, special turf equipment is used with blades designed to cut grass closer to the earth.


If a course is in an area that experiences extreme weather, special care must be taken to ensure the soil does not succumb to the elements.…

Radar Guns and Sports: The Marriage of Science and Athletics

We all, have at one point or another, discovered the surprising accuracy of radar guns. Many folks have unfortunately found themselves in the position of paying a traffic ticket due to the irrefutable results of one of these devices. They have become a standard with law enforcement and are utilized all over the world for their precise measurements. However, this same technology can also be found in another industry. Very few people consider the applications with sports as well.…

How to Clean Uniforms the Proper Way

Cleaning uniforms might seem like an obvious thing, but there are actually some very specific rules to follow.  Every type of uniform including girl’s softball pants and boy’s basketball jerseys, need to be taken care of and cleaned regularly.  Uniforms are much more likely to last a long time if given the proper care and attention.

The reason that it’s so important to clean uniforms correctly is that uniforms help to create the image of a team. …