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Top 2 most influential athletes

December 8, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Article submitted by David Guillod.

Professional sports are always fun to watch because not only do you get to see outstanding athletes perform at the peak of their game, but you also get to see history in the making as well. Athletes of any sport train rigorously to reach new heights and give it their all to get that “W” on their record. Particularly, two athletes stand out to me as iconic: Pete Rose and Bo Jackson.

Pete Rose

Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose is a former professional baseball player who has played for numerous teams throughout his career, including the Cincinnati Reds where he thrived. He was awarded the title of All-Star 17 times and was able to win 3 World Series Championships throughout his tenure as a ballplayer.

I genuinely believe Rose is the greatest baseball player to have ever played the game. With over 4,000 hits, meaning over 200 hits for each of the 20 years he played in the big leagues, it may be possible that his staggering record will never be broken for a long time.

Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson is one of those rare once-in-a-generation athletes that excelled at numerous sports. He starred in both football and baseball, which garnered him major attention. In fact, he is the only athlete to be given the title of “All-Star” for both sports, which is simply amazing when you look at it. The athletic and strategic skills necessary to perform at such a high level throughout the years requires not only discipline but an unbreakable body and spirit.

Unfortunately, Jackson suffered a major setback when he broke his hip in 1991. After this unfortunate incident, he was unable to continue competing at a professional level. This accident justify him with a fractured hip bone that caused him to ultimately retire from football. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, it is important to point out that throughout his career, his blue-collar work ethic and grind was always at 100% no matter the odds stacked against him. This speaks volumes about his character, which is why I decided to place him on my list.

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