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Cheerleading Uniforms And The Evolution Of Sportswear

May 13, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Along with most of fashion, sportswear has grown steadily more exciting and adventurous over the years. In order to see this evolution from blah to whoa, let’s have a closer look at some sports and their requisite attires.

CHEER LEADING — Remember cheer leading uniforms back in the 1900s? School letters and colors have always been an important component of the ensembles but old-school cheer leading outfits used to be quite uncomfortable. The tops were usually sweaters or polo shirts; sometimes, even cardigans worn over turtlenecks or collared shirts. The skirts were made of scratchy wool and were typically ankle-length in design. Although the attires were modest and preppy, it couldn’t have been easy to move around and perform complicated routines in all the heavy fabric.

Cheer leading uniforms these days are less modest. Or maybe that’s an understatement—skimpy might be a better word to describe them. But what they lack in modesty, they make up for in ease and maneuverability. Nowadays, cheerleaders merely all of whom are thrown up in the air need not worry about their skirts getting caught!


BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL — In the old days, there was no such thing as a basketball uniform. As long as you had comfortable pants, shirts, socks and shoes on, you were all set to play ball. But with the invention of synthetic fabric, the sport was revolutionized—fashionably. Finally, players had the option to wear uniforms made of lighter and more breathable fabrics. Not to mention, cut in a style that assures freedom of movement while on the court. As for volleyball, the sport was invented in 1895. There were no volleyball jerseys then or special uniforms for the players. As with basketball, people joined the game clad in the traditional sports wear of the era.


The next time you don your sports outfits and uniforms, remember that the designs that seem so familiar to us now had to undergo a lot of changes and improvements to be what they are today!

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