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As football season comes around, it is important that you get in the best shape you possibly can before the start of the season. If you play on a professional or school team, you probably have access to coaches and training staff that will put you through rigorous training during football camp. If you play on a men’s league or just at your local recreation center, this type of training will most likely have to be done on your own. There are some basic training techniques you can use no matter where or what kind of football you are playing. You need strength and endurance, and being prepared will help you play a better game and keep you from being injured.

Your training plan will most likely depend on what position you play. You will have to tweak any training advice so that you can get the exact kind of workout you need. Regardless, one of the most important things you need to train for is endurance. You do not want to stop during the middle of a game to catch your breath. Cardio interval training is your best bet. Running distances at various times over and over again will get you in the best shape. You can also try things like swimming, and running up and down field bleachers. Some arenas have aluminum bleachers which may not work as well, so use stairs anywhere you can find them.

Football is a game of strength. Working on becoming physically stronger will help all aspects of your game. You will want to visit your local gym or weight room, and create a basic weight-lifting plan. Your gym workout should include bench and shoulder presses, squats and dead lifts, as well as clean and jerk, and pull-ups. If you have another player or workout buddy this is when it is a good time to have someone else around to help you if you need it. Your local gym or weight room should also have professionals that can help you with using the weights correctly.

Another important aspect of football is speed. No matter what position you play, you need to be able to move fast without injuring yourself. Speed training can be done in many ways. High intensity interval training usually works best. You will want to work at being explosive with small amounts of rest in between. Various running drills with short sprints will help your body become accustomed to bursts of energy, a much-needed thing in the game of football.

No matter if, you are playing on a professional or college team, or if you simply play in a league at your local park, it is vital that you get the physical training you need to play your best. This includes a balanced food and diet plan as well. Make sure you are eating properly and staying hydrated. Getting professional help is always a good idea but with good research, you can create a training plan all on your own.

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