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Giving my Lawn that Sports Field Look

September 17, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Sports and summer go hand in hand. I can remember many days of my youth in Dodger stadium. And there are certain smells that bring me back to those days. Salted peanuts and beer, leather from the mitt I wore every time in case a stray ball went into the stands, and of course, the scent of freshly cut grass. Now when I was younger, I just accepted the idea that the field grass would have that perfect shade of green. Being a homeowner, I’ve unfortunately discovered that to maintain a thriving lawn is the work of miracles. Greenskeeping wasn’t my forte when it came to my own yard. And so I began to wonder how a golf course or sports field was kept in pristine shape. In addition, how could I apply this to my own lawn to help it look healthy?

Being just a simple homeowner, I wasn’t about to invest in a club car carryall or any other expensive equipment. I mean, I just had my two yards to maintain. I’m one of those individuals that would water my lawn like crazy, even to the point of adversely affecting my water bill. In addition, I was also of the mindset that if I let my grass grow for longer periods of time between cutting it, it would produce a more robust and healthier lawn.

Turns out that I was wrong on both accounts. In doing the research on my lawn’s grass, I discovered that certain types of grass should be cut to specific lengths on a regular basis. By trimming a lawn to the required height, it forces the grass to grow and become more robust. This is a key to well maintained golf course. While this flies in the face of what most of us would initially consider logical, understanding the facts behind this mode of maintenance make so much sense. Fruit trees get trimmed on a regular basis to produce a stronger and healthier tree. Same thing applies to smaller plants such as grass.

Even though a healthy lawn needs water to survive, watering too much can hinder grass from growing properly. Just like all living things, we require certain ingredients to keep us alive. And yet, too much of anything can be harmful. The same thing applies to grass. In fact, it’s only recommended to water grass when it begins to look wilted or discolored. In addition, by withholding water, the soil has a chance to aerate, which can help with overall water absorption.

While there are other steps, these two dramatically improved my lawn’s appearance and has produced a yard to be proud of. Give it a try and see what happens.


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