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How to Clean Uniforms the Proper Way

October 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Cleaning uniforms might seem like an obvious thing, but there are actually some very specific rules to follow.  Every type of uniform including girl’s softball pants and boy’s basketball jerseys, need to be taken care of and cleaned regularly.  Uniforms are much more likely to last a long time if given the proper care and attention.

The reason that it’s so important to clean uniforms correctly is that uniforms help to create the image of a team.  Uniforms are powerful symbols that allow a team to be easily recognized.  Fans and supporters form a connection and an attachment to the team’s uniforms; It doesn’t matter whether it’s a professional team or a local children’s team.  If a uniform begins smelling funny or the color fades and changes, it can frustrate fans and cause confusion.

Many uniforms such as softball pants are made to be stain resistant today.  This can help to lessen the occurrence of stains.  Also, the majority of uniforms are made from easy-to-clean materials such as polyester.  Polyester is a synthetic material which makes it one of the simplest materials to clean.  Polyester is also built to last and can hold up against the test of time.

It’s best to presoak a uniform before washing it.  You can use a utility sink to get out as much of the mud, loose dirt, grass, and sweat as possible (depending on the sport).  You can also simply spray it with a house prior to washing it.  Then you can fill a sink or bucket with warm water.  The water shouldn’t be hot.  Next, you want to add some heavy duty laundry detergent and a cup of baking soda if you have it.  The uniform should soak for an hour or overnight if possible.

When you wash your uniforms at home, it’s important to use a high-quality detergent that will help the uniform keep its color.  The first time you wash your uniform, it’s a good idea to wash each garment separately in cold water so that the colors don’t bleed onto each other.  After the first wash, you can wash it normally in the machine.  However, it should be washed alone without other garments.

It’s a good idea to avoid bleach because it often strips color and it can leave ugly white spots.  It can also damage the fabric.  You should also avoid fabric softener and dry cleaning.  Both can damage the uniform and can actually create stains on the garment.

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