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Law Enforcement Needs the Genesis II Police Radar Gun

July 26, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Law enforcement loves the Genesis II Handheld Directional for their fleet because it is incredibly accurate and cost effective. Most people report that knowing highways are enforced by radar encourages them to drive slower.

Even more so than baseball radar guns, police speed guns have to be incredibly accurate. Along with video footage, data collected from speed guns is one of the most integral parts of substantiating a citation in court. The Genesis II Handheld Directional is the best value law enforcement can buy for their fleet. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the same amazing quality from Genesis. Buy online factory direct in bulk, and save even more money. With an increase in spending cuts, the Genesis II Handheld Directional is a must have police radar gun for any police force.

Speed enforcement is absolutely crucial for reducing DUIs, aggressive driving and traffic accidents. When drivers see a police officer monitoring the side of the road with a speed radar gun, most will slow down significantly and follow the speed limit laws. According to a survey conducted in 2006 by, more than 96.5% of the people who took the survey agreed that radar enforcement tools such as driver feedback signs have an effect on maintaining lawful driver speeds. Other initiatives such as speed bumps and rumble strips were far less effective.

Law enforcement can now equip every vehicle in their fleet with this compact radar gun technology at an affordable price. These radar guns can be used on highways, in parking lots, and gated communities. Places where drivers need to be even more sensitive to their speeding, such as school zones and construction zones, should always have some sort of radar enforcement tool for drivers to manage themselves. That’s why radar speed signs are also a valuable asset to keep drivers from speeding. Knowing how fast they are going with immediate feedback is really a very effective way to help train driver behavior all across the board.

When using the Genesis II, take know of its simple to use format and easy to read LCD display. Police officers can monitor traffic approaching or receding. It can monitor traffic in both directions at once, or isolate monitoring in once direction. This speed gun is incredibly durable, as it is cased in rugged polycarbonate material. Hook up your unit to your laptop to store important data recorded. The GHD II uses pure audio Doppler instead of the synthesized Doppler that cheap radar guns use. It can also be manufactured to include kilometers per hour as well. Unlike sports radar, the genesis can track speeds up to 200 miles per hour, an absolute necessary range for highway speed enforcement.

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