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New Volleyball Jerseys for the Boys Team

March 18, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

I am not sure why, but the boys are getting new volleyball jerseys this year and the girls are not. The boys got new uniforms two years ago and the girls haven’t had any for six years now. I know this is a fact because my oldest and youngest girls are six years apart. When my oldest played she was number 14. She accidentally melted her jersey when she tried to iron it with a very hot iron. The shirts were new that year and the coach about died when she turned it in. This was my yuo8ungest’s first year on the team and she wanted to be number 14 too. Guess what shirt she got.

I know the school cannot afford new uniforms all the time. This year the parents decided to pitch in extra money to buy the boys new basketball jerseys. I have no idea when the last time was they had new ones, but they were looking pretty pitiful. They are using the old ones for practice jerseys now. I think they are too beat up for even that.

I think the only things that get replaced regularly are the cheer leading outfits. I do not begrudge the girls new uniforms, they work hard. They are also required to go through all three seasons and have two different uniforms because of it. The kids out on the field can get away with a shirt a bit too big, it would not look right for a cheerleader to wear something that was not a proper fit.

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