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Newest Stalker Radar Gun Models

August 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Stalker Radar is well known throughout the world as the leader in law enforcement and sports radar capabilities. Owning a stalker radar gun gives a dependable and accurate measurement for measuring the speed of objects. With the menacing tagline, “You can’t outrun what you can’t see,” Stalker shows its dedication to providing top quality products to their customers. Stalker Radar is known for its innovation as a leader in radar measurement technology. Here are some applications for Stalker’s newest additions to their product line.

For Baseball

For sports scouts and coaches, Stalker provides accurate plate speed and pitching speed measurements to help players improve their skill and strategy. A baseball radar gun from Stalker gives you the smallest and lightest handheld radar guns on the market today. The Pro II Stalker Radar gun is the newest gun in the  product line for all applications. Most specifically, Stalker Radar is popular in the sports sector, perfect for car racing, watercraft, snow mobile racing, paintball, and of course, baseball.  The Stalker Pro II is the only professional radar gun with a speed range of 5-700 MPH. This gun has a 300 foot range to safely measure pitching and batting speeds from a distance. This gun uses commercial ballistic chronographs to precisely measure release speeds.  Those who best benefit from Stalker radar in the sports industry are major league scouts and pitching and hitting coaches.

For Law Enforcement

Radar guns are not only used for sports enthusiasts, they are used to enforce traffic as well. The Stalker Lidar LR is the most popularly promoted product right now for law enforcement, with a newly engineered design. This radar gun is completely recreated for cramped urban settings with vehicles moving closely together. The pinpoint accuracy of a Stalker Lidar Gun offers precision in settings where radar detection would normally be a challenge. This product comes with 44mm lenses for better target illumination and signal-to-noise ratio. These improvements to the optics of the radar gun allow for measurements up to 4,000 feet away from the place of operation. The improvements upon the original Lidar design include a Heads-Up display that shows both speed and range information on the same screen. It also has faster target acquisition, upgraded electronics a 32-bit processor, and a CPU clock rate at 5 times the speed of the original design. Stalker Radar is continuously developing new ways to make their products better than their competition, and better than their previous models. Stalker is never satisfied with the status quo, and surely their new additions will find a comfortable home in law enforcement everywhere.

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