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Radar Guns and Sports: The Marriage of Science and Athletics

October 25, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

We all, have at one point or another, discovered the surprising accuracy of radar guns. Many folks have unfortunately found themselves in the position of paying a traffic ticket due to the irrefutable results of one of these devices. They have become a standard with law enforcement and are utilized all over the world for their precise measurements. However, this same technology can also be found in another industry. Very few people consider the applications with sports as well. Who would think that this technology could be applied in radar guns for baseball.

Sports are an investment, from the college to the professional level. Millions of dollars are used to get and maintain reliable equipment, training techniques, and for the acquisition of powerful athletes. Considering the accuracy of radar devices, it isn’t surprising that it can also be used to train players to better heights of perfection. In fact, there are some companies who specialize in radar devices designed for sports application, with the JUGS radar gun being the top of the food chain.

You’ve invested time and money into your athletes and equipment. For training purposes, these devices can help maintain and grow your investment. Before radar there was no way to accurately measure the speed of a ball. Our eyes are crude measuring instruments that cannot judge speeds with any type of precision. However, the modern radar gun can display the speed of a moving object by comparing a reflected shift measurement using the Doppler effect. And while this may sound complicated, it is actually simple and produces amazing results.

There are a wide range of prices available, starting at the low hundreds and reaching into the thousands. However, the less expensive devices can only be applicable to a short width of movement. For a more expansive range, like the inside of a sports arena or field, we recommend a the larger investment. Not only can this be used as a training device but it’s results can also be utilized to share information with the spectator. For those fans that are obsessed with stats, this can be another facet in their appreciation and knowledge. Sports are a spectator driven industry and anything you can do to improve the quality of their experience should be considered.

Though we have mentioned baseball, radar devices can also effect the entire spectrum of sports, from racing to hockey, from football to cricket. As much as we mentioned that radar guns have become a standard of law enforcement, the sports world is also beginning to reap the benefits of these amazing devices. One more time, this is your investment. You should get the most out of it.

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