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Reasons Why a Reel Mower is The Best Choice

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What do municipal parks, small and large lawns, and golf courses all have in common?

The obvious answer to that question is that they all have grass that needs to be cut from time to time.

While the parks and golf courses will have no choice but to opt for the biggest lawn mowers in the business today, otherwise known as the golf green mower, the smaller lawns wouldn’t need these machines.

Due to the fact that a hand-controlled machine to cut grass would suffice over a small surface area, there are several reasons why owning the smallest version of these machines should do when it comes to lawn maintenance. Here is a list of reasons why a reel mower should do the job of cutting grass effectively:

Reason #1: Simplicity

Since the manual mower has no machinery that need cords, spark plugs, or even batteries, the simplicity of this machine is its biggest advantage. All you have to do is push and it mows the lawn at the speed at which you go. Due to this simplicity, you will also notice that very few things go wrong with this machine because all it is made of is wheels and blades for cutting grass as opposed to larger machines, such as the turf sprayer.

Reason #2: Silent machines

Assuming that you do have neighbors, powering up a gas mower (which is the loudest of all mowers) is really a bad idea as you can just ruin someone’s weekend with all the noise. Using reel mowers, which are hand-powered, and that are the quietest, is simply the best idea.

Reason #3: Environmentally-friendly

If you use a gas mower, you’ll be surprised to know that in running this machine for an hour, the amount of air pollution that the machine emits is equals to the amount emitted by a sedan when driven for 200 hours.

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