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Soccer: Basic equipment list

March 8, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

If you compare soccer to most other popular sports, it requires the least amount of equipment. At its most basic requirement, all you need is soccer footwear. For the typical soccer game, a player will need a very small list of items. Here is a head-to-toe rundown of basic gear from Soccer Garage:


A jersey can be made from any fabric that fits loosely and is comfortable. However, most jerseys on sale are made from special wicking fabric that keeps a player dry during a game. There is a slight difference between jerseys for male and female players.


When it comes to shorts, anything goes just as long as it does not fall below the knee like in Basketball. Over the years we have seen everything from baggy shorts to running style shorts. The only real rule here is to keep it as comfortable and something that allows freedom of movement.


The socks should protect your feet from the friction with the cleats and extend high enough to cover the shin guards. You can use special fabric ties to keep the socks up if they keep falling.

Shin guards

Although you can play soccer with just footwear, the most important item for the physical safety of the player are the shin guards. High impact tussling for the ball can cause some serious damage without the guards.


Players need field gloves during the cold weather games.


Headgear is not a standard part of the kit but is more commonplace now to avoid head injuries from constantly heading the ball.

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