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August 7, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Whether your sport is basketball or baseball, cross country to cricket, a jersey is a way to bring you and your teammates together as one. While a wide variety of sports employ jerseys, the individual function and need of each jersey is dependent on both the sport and the individual competing.

A baseball player, for instance, needs a variety of equipment in order to play at his peak. Through online distributors, players, coaches, and managers can decide on the style of the baseball jerseys choosing from a wide range of styles including pullover or the traditional full button. They may also elect to wear coordinated undergarment performance wear or mocks. Baseball pants are available in solid, piped, and pinstriped styles while the coaches can match with baseball shorts that come in similar fashions. Coaches and players alike can choose from cotton, athletic mesh, wicking mesh, and twill baseball hats. Among all of these selections, the players and coaches can also choose personalized baseball socks, warm ups, baseball belts, bags, and other team inspired equipment.

Like baseball players, softball players rely on the same basic styles of jersey. Female players; however, have the added option of the popular sleeveless softball jerseys. These styles even have the option for racer back or traditional.  Like baseball players, softball players can choose from custom shorts, pants, warm ups, bags, and socks. Softball visors are also available for female players.

Volleyball players need jerseys that do not restrict leg and arm movement in the slightest. The popular volleyball shorts for females are short, tight, and comfortable. Players can choose how short they want the inseam to be and if they prefer standard spandex stretch or low rise. They also have the option to choose the appearance of the volleyball jerseys, socks, warm ups, and bags.

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