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Skinny guy transforms into NFL Player in 10 Weeks

April 19, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Guest post submitted by Latest Health News

I just read a great story about Les Brown V, an accountant that was 215lbs with not much muscle, but after training for about 10 weeks, transfered into a muscular 240 lb guy, who is now being considered to play in NFL for Miami Dolphins. He did this by training hard with a trainer. Les was a basketball player in college and also played in other sports in high school, but never foothball because he was too skinny.

A trainer for BYU named Chad Ikei saw Les and thought he would be a good candidate for his training program and offered to train him for free as a trail. “He looked at me and said, ‘You’ve got the rest of your life to work. You could be a great tight end,” Brown said. “Chad was persistent, he wanted to take me on as a project.”

Brown went to NFL tryouts at BYU. Out of all people trying out, he had the best broad jump (10 feet, 3 inches),  vertical jump (39 inches), 40-yard time (4.43).

Watch a video below for more.

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