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Skinny guy transforms into NFL Player in 10 Weeks

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Guest post submitted by Latest Health News

I just read a great story about Les Brown V, an accountant that was 215lbs with not much muscle, but after training for about 10 weeks, transfered into a muscular 240 lb guy, who is now being considered to play in NFL for Miami Dolphins. He did this by training hard with a trainer. Les was a basketball player in college and also played in other sports in high school, but never foothball because he was too skinny.

A trainer for BYU named Chad Ikei saw Les and thought he would be a good candidate for his training program and offered to train him for free as a trail. “He looked at me and said, ‘You’ve got the rest of your life to work. You could be a great tight end,” Brown said. “Chad was persistent, he wanted to take me on as a project.”

Brown went to NFL tryouts at BYU. Out of all people trying out, he had the best broad jump (10 feet, 3 inches),  vertical jump (39 inches), 40-yard time (4.43).

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Enjoying the NFL Playoffs With HD Quality

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This guest post from Walter Horn

The NFL playoffs are some of the most watched shows in the world. They offer us the best teams, best athletes and best game plans imaginable. By the time the post season arrives we have a pretty darn good idea what teams are lousy, and which ones are amazing. I get excited for this time of year, even when my personal favorite team isn’t there. For three weeks we get to watch as the two teams for the super bowl are chosen.

For weekends in the month of January I try to leave my schedule open. I used to be so energetic that I would pay to go to the stadium if a local team was playing. Now, I’ve come to the realization that I can have just about as much fun watching from home. That way I don’t have to worry about spilling chili cheese fries on myself, or waiting an hour for the bathroom. I have my TV hooked up for watching the NFL playoffs in HD (High Definition) programming on Having everything ready I just sit back and watch the action unfold in front of me.

While there are many ways to enjoy the NFL playoffs, I prefer the comfort of my home with high quality TV. This allows me to see all the action, and remain comfortable.